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Well, that could have gone better.....

Ugh. I screwed up. I screwed up because I was rushing. I should know better by now-but, alas, here I am.

My front door planters have been sitting rather sad and lonely since early summer when I took the violas and pansies out. It had just gotten too hot for them and they were looking a bit worse for the wear. I yanked them. Only the Boxwood remained. Lonely.

green velvet boxwood
A sad, lonely boxwood in his planter

I don't have much in the way of plants in the front of my house here in New Jersey because we have a serious deer problem. Nothing is safe. After 28 years of living here we finally have given up planting the front, un-fenced portion of our house. All I have for flowers is what I put in those planters on the porch-I even worry about that sometimes as the deer are super rude around here.

I was finally ready to put something for Fall in those planters along with the Boxwood which is going in the ground next Spring. I went to the garden center with visions of yellow and orange flowers perfect for Fall- you know, something that really screamed Pumpkin Spice Latte, and came out with a pretty monochromatic mix of colors in the plants I chose. I thought it would look good. Bleh. I was wrong.

It's not a terrible combination, but just kind of a snooze. I actually really like a more monochromatic look, but it is not what I need here in the front of our house where there isn't any color.

The good news, not all is lost. I will go back to the garden center and not leave until I am well out of my comfort zone and have shockingly yellow and orange flowers on my cart! The plants I already purchased will get replanted in a container in the backyard where they will look lovely, if not very Fall-ish.

The point is, projects in gardening don't always go as planned. At least not at my house. It's alright, they're just plants, and you are just you, and everyone will survive. Okay, maybe not the occasional plant, but YOU certainly will. Regroup, go to Plan B, or Plan Z, it's all good. Just keep at it.


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