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Vermont Garden, Spring

I left New Jersey to come to Vermont yesterday at noon. It was 80 degrees. Needless to say, it was not 80 degrees in Vermont when I arrived. It was barely 50, cloudy, drizzling. May 2nd in Vermont, ya gotta love it.

However, when I woke up this morning and did a little walk around the yard with the dogs, I was rewarded with the sight of huge crops of blooming daffodils, everything colored a gorgeous emerald green, and fresh new growth everywhere.

I feel really lucky that the two gardens I tend to relentlessly are separated in bloom times by several weeks. The daffodils in New Jersey are long gone: faded, browning, and looking very much worse for the wear. Tulips in Jersey are done as well. Up here? The show is just getting started. Lucky me.

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Hi, I'm Kate. I am an enthusiastic amateur gardener, mixologist, drinker of drinks, cook, skin-care lover, and home decorator. I master absolutely none of these things but really enjoy each and every one. 


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