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The Thing that Got Me Started

What would this blog be without peonies? Just Palomas? Delicious and not bad on their own, but I love both.

Peonies were basically the start of my interest in gardening. I find that sort of funny, though, because their blooms are so short lived. I mean, they aren’t very difficult to take care of, but their blooming season really is quite short. Many other flowers are just as un-fussy but give a much longer-lived payout. Doesn’t matter – peonies get me right in the gardening feels every time.

I am lucky enough to have these beautiful flowers in my gardens both in New Jersey and Vermont. I can take little credit for my Vermont garden as the previous owners of the home were immensely skilled and knowledgeable. New Jersey is all my doing, however.

I first came across peonies at the Philadelphia Flower Show about six or so years ago. I mean I knew about them but found a great source for them at the flower show that year. Ever since I have always purchased my peonies from Peonys Envy. They are based in New Jersey and have the most breathtaking array of peonies for sale. Definitely go check them out.

My knowledge (limited as it is) extends mainly to herbaceous peonies but this year J. and I decided to purchase some intersectional peonies to try. Intersectional peonies are a hybrid of herbaceous and tree peonies. They die back in the winter like herbaceous peonies but have the larger flowers of a tree peony. We purchased six herbaceous peonies and two intersectional. Yay! I will keep you posted on how they progress for sure.

I would recommend you get any kind of peony you can get your hands on and give them a try. They don’t require much, just a little staking when they get taller. The show they put on, though brief, is really nothing short of spectacular!

Let me know some of your favorites and why. I would love to hear your thoughts!

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