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Master Bedroom Do-over

Good morning, afternoon, or evening to ya! Now tell me, who doesn’t love a good before and after photo? Right? Well I surely do. Whether it is a garden one, fitness one, beauty or home décor one, I love ‘em all.

I am going to admit, I am a little hesitant to show you my master bedroom “before” photo. It’s not great. Don’t get me wrong, this room has looked a lot better in the past. It’s just that once I decided I would redo it, I took down the things I didn’t love anymore (hello, heavier-than-all-get-out comforter and drapes) and just haven’t replaced it yet. I refuse to tell you how long it’s been since I took down the other stuff. Yikes.

So, here is the plan. Paint color-changing. Bed and bureau – they’re out of here. Carpet stays but only because J. says it has to. What a party pooper. Nightstands stay – I think they’re classic and I still really like them. Draperies – gone. I will add shades to the windows. Can we talk about that ceiling fan? Ugh. What was I thinking? Bye, Felicia. Windows and doors will be retrimmed with something a bit more substantial and much less ugly. Ha!

I am leaning towards a paint that is kind of dark and cozy. I love BM Dark Harbor but have something quite a bit like it in my great room and not sure if I want to do something so similar. I love BM Kendall Charcoal, Hale Navy, Whale Gray, and Gentleman’s Gray. I absolutely love the process of choosing paint colors! Yay! Stay tuned. Cheers!

Slight update: I seem to have misplaced most of the before pictures. I swear I didn’t delete them on purpose though I probably should have! I’m new at this whole blogging thing and trying really hard to get it right. I am sure those pictures will show up again sometime. I could only find two that represent how the room really looked BEFORE.

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