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Is it cocktail time yet?

Let’s talk about cocktails. Hello, my name is Kate, and I loooooove a well-made, hand-crafted cocktail. It’s nice to meet you.

I love going out for drinks, or staying in and making them myself. Don’t get me wrong, I love wine and beer too (curse of the Irish I tell ya) but there is nothing that gets me more excited than a well thought out, delicious, perfectly balanced cocktail. *swoon*

Here is my usual method: I scour pinterest, Instagram, and the web and find one that looks particularly amazing and I will usually make the drink as called for, exactly, the first time. Then, I riff on it. I put my own spin on it by a substitution of liquors or change up the herbs, fruit, or simple syrup to make it my own.

I highly recommend this very fussy, scientific, painstaking process. Just kidding, it’s totally easy to do. Drink what you like! Just go out there and find some inspiration! Cheers!

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