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Fall containers 2.0 - because once just isn't enough

In my previous blog post, I updated some containers on my front porch in New Jersey. They contain one Green Velvet boxwood each. I have had the boxwood in there for a little over a year and I have been changing what surrounds them seasonally.

A few weeks ago I went to the garden center to purchase some Fall plants for the containers and came away with a cart full of stuff that was a complete snooze fest. Each plant was individually attractive but somehow when combined they were really yawn inducing. Not good. I realize this is not a ringing endorsement of my efforts, but you can read that blog post here.

I took almost everything out except the euphorbia and ornamental cabbage. I needed more plant material and I really do love the euphorbia so some of it stayed.

Today I made it back to one of my favorite garden centers here in New Jersey. I recently started shopping at Timothy's Garden Center in Robbinsville and am really happy I made my way back there. They have a huge selection of beautiful flowers and lots of Proven Winners plants, which for me, have performed amazingly well over the last two seasons.

What I picked up at the garden center. Some of the stuff is for the porch!

I picked up some bright yellow violas, two small ornamental pepper plants and a few small pumpkins to re-do the planters on the porch. Believe me, I tried to stray to the calm, monochromatic color palette I so enjoy, but in the end I prevailed and left with some truly Fall looking plants.

The yellow violas were in a pretty big pot so I took them out and cut them in half with my trowel. Most plants are wayyyy more forgiving than we give them credit for. Cutting them in half won't hurt these guys a bit. They were clearly two separate plants in there anyway. You shouldn't be afraid to do this kind of thing now and again as needed. Show your plants who's boss.

There. That's better. I think I got it right this time.


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